Rimbe Inc

We build things that customers want

Rimbe Inc is a consulting business that works with start ups and existing businesses to develop technology products, from the initial idea to product launch.

Our Process

Rimbe Inc helps you develop your technology idea and bring it to a finalized product through planning, prototyping, customer development and implementation.

Our main focus is to build things that customers want through extensive customer development and testing, instead of building products based on guesswork. This saves time, money and frustration for everyone.

Our Process

A special deal

Have a great idea but not enough funds to get it built? On a case by case basis (depending on the idea and team skills), we work with clients on a special agreement where we only charge a fee to cover our costs but do not charge for the hours we put in on the project. Instead we work for an ownership part in your business. Let us know if you have an idea you'd like to discuss. Contact: Maria at info@rimbe.net

About Us

Our team consists of highly experienced graphic designers, web and mobile developers, technology architects, QA & localization experts. A project manager will be assigned to your project who will be available for your input, questions or concerns. Communication is key to a successful project!

Contact us today to discuss your idea or product that you want to get built. We are excited to hear from you! Contact: info@rimbe.net

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